The first time I met Susie, I was assisting on a shoot that she was modelling in for Elle magazine, in the late 80's. I saw her getting changed in the back of the Winnebago, she was taking her clothes off incredibly slowly. I thought that she must be very cool and confident; when I get changed, I take my clothes off as fast as possible but she was just peeling hers off, piece by piece. It was captivating.

We properly got to know each other in 1990, when this mutual friend said he wanted to bring her over to buy some shoes that she had apparently dreamt about. I was really excited. I'd just started my own line and I wanted to get to know her; I was hoping that she might even model some of my clothes. Susie liked all the clothes, and she agreed to be in the short film for my summer collection. As soon as she started modelling for the video, everybody gathered round her excitedly. They were saying, "Now put this on Susie, how about this, Susie?" She was such a great actress, everyone was drawn to her. One of the things about her that is so disarming is that although she is this amazing model, she's so sweet to everybody. Susie is the girl Kate Moss looked up to when she first started. Mouths fall open in disbelief at her beauty when she walks into a room,  yet she is a mystery, even to her close friends.  

When we met met for breakfast on Portobello Rd a few weeks ago, she arrived wearing my silver knitted track pants and black cashmere sweater with a silver horseshoe on it, a voluminous, sparkle scarf trapping her glossy black mane around her neck - and bare feet in mink fur sliders, with Rouge Noir painted toe nails. The whole effect was so brilliant and original. Being in her aura is like having luck walk by your side. When I am with her there is nowhere else I would rather be in this world.

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I have sketchbooks going back years, filled with drawings of words. Until now my canvas has been jumpers and t-shirts, now the words are returning to paper of the most beautiful quality, printed by artisans and masters at King and McGaw. I am honoured to be part of their repertoire.
Bella Freud Autumn Winter

Bella Freud AW22

The Bella Freud Autumn-Winter 2022 (AW22) collection evokes an inquisitive and daring youthful spirit. Bella says: “It is important in fashion that you don't relax into being repetitive.”